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a Unique GROUP Retreat for couples healing from infidelity

Surviving to Thriving

Infidelity doesn’t have to be the final chapter in your relationship. It can actually be the beginning of a deeper and more connected one. While that may not seem possible right now, it is, but it takes a lot of work. This retreat was meticulously crafted to expedite and enhance your healing journey. Learn More >>>

If you do not see a date or location that works for your schedule, or you prefer a more private experience, I offer private bespoke retreats.


Your relationship can not only survive infidelity but can thrive after it. Learn how.

Support Groups

Sharing a common experience with others can be both cathartic and healing, especially when you have a common purpose in empowering yourselves, improving your coping skills, and staying motivated to do the work.


Getting to the heart of the matter

We’re exploring what relationships can be like when those involved feel fully seen and heard.

Season 1 coming soon.

If you are ready to take control of your sex and relationships, let’s talk.

Together we will work together to identify what is holding you back from the sex and relationships you deserve. We’ll develop skills and tools to help get you moving forward. It truly is possible, but it will take work. I’m here to be with you to make that work happen.

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About Me

My expertise is in relational intelligence and helping people build the secure and fulfilling relationships they desire.

Therapy Services

My work is focused on healing inner child wounds, repairing relational bonds, and helping people work through their physical and emotional challenges in order to improve their sex lives.

Surviving to Thriving After Infidelity

My retreats are designed to combine the benefits of physical and emotional relaxation with rejuvenation focused activities, connection, and skill building to help you deal with what has been weighing on you most.

Support Groups

Connecting with a group of people who feel like you do, led by a licensed therapist, can help you feel less isolated, judged, and lonely. 

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